We design and develop applications for smartphones and tablets

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A creative agency, passionate and qualified

We are a design studio for mobile apps, unique, elegant and usable through popular devices. We work with large multinational companies as well as start-up.

We learn your business. Airbag Studio streamlined process will be tailored to your specific business needs.

Features and services to include in your app. Stand alone or integrated solutions based on tested and reliable technologies.


  • Omar Cafini
    Omar Cafini CEO - Co-Founder - Project M. & iOS Dev.
  • Mario Inghilleri
    Mario Inghilleri CXO - Co-Founder - UX/UI Designer
  • Giuseppe Silvestri
    Giuseppe Silvestri CTO - Mobile & Backend Developer
  • Dario Partenope
    Dario Partenope iOS Developer & Business Intelligence
  • Gianluca De Novi
    Gianluca De Novi CFO - GENERAL MANAGER
  • Sergio Gabrielli
    Sergio Gabrielli Windows Phone Developer
  • Marco Rinaldi
    Marco Rinaldi Windows Phone Developer
  • Paolo Quadrani
    Paolo Quadrani iOS Developer


The design can be art. The design can be pure aesthetics. The design is really a simple thing. And that is precisely why it is so complicated.

– Paul Rand

Hey! We write in italian too :)

Idee e spunti per chi sviluppa applicazioni mobile

From time to time we write a few articles about our work. These are reflections or data insights from the experience that we believe may be useful to those who love the scope within which we measure ourselves every day.