An agile company
capable of great things

We are the technological arm of companies that do not fear change.
We are not afraid of complexity. We can develop increasingly sophisticated solutions, while complying with quality standards and delivery times.

Our future direction

We work to promote innovation in all economic sectors, but we have a particular preference for projects that put technology at the service of people.

We’re committed to investing and dedicating more and more time to developing apps for use in the fields of health, wellbeing and social innovation.

We are not generalists

We choose to work solely with apps. For over a decade, apps have been our daily bread and in Italy we are considered to be pioneers in the sector.



Useful, simple and functional interfaces.

We study customers’ needs and always base our approach on the guidelines of the brand or of its existing products.

Design >



A code and rules, but with creativity and passion.

We create digital products that promote productivity, reduce business costs and improve services and processes.

Development >



Systematized expertise and passion.

We design customized solutions for IT professionals, schools and training institutions.

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Our partners and clients

Shall we discuss your project?

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