Current scenarios and complex systems

As a Company we have always been interested in putting together Design, Development and Innovative Technologies to let R&D team research on new cross-disciplinary products and services, based on the market demand and not merely trends.

We constantly benefit from all our projects and commissions, in terms of new skills and inspiration for next commitments.

Through a reliable engineering process we obtain white label products, prototypes, mobile and web applications, ready for the challenges of the digital market.


Along this pathway, which starts from an accurate research, we are able to define strategic areas for/with clients and partners and achieve a final product, to be intended not as a closed and monolithic result, but as an open, modular and customizable system.

Solutions for your business

The small digital ecosystem we usually build, is made of several components such as: mobile client app, simple and intuitive interconnected web platform, a section of information management on cloud structures (suitable for scalability), all without forgetting usability and user experience.


Doctor-Patient Communication

A coordinated system of communication between the medical team and patients, based on a web dashboard and iOS and Android mobile app.


Fleet Management System

A GPS tracking and geolocated check-in system, consisting of a web interface and an iOS and Android mobile app.


Push Notifications Management System

A cross-platform tool for simplified management of push notifications and analysis of campaign data.


Are you interested in our solutions?

We will be glad to analyze with you your needs. Send us an email now, we will reply immediately.

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