Communication between patient and doctor has been discussed for a long time among insiders. Unfortunately today the tools used for this kind of situation are the same as those used for communication between friends or relatives.

We know that a tool like Whatsapp is largely inappropriate to manage the communication between persons with different roles, commitments and duties.
Doctors, on the one hand need a noninvasive tool to understand the patient’s needs but without the urgency of instant communication. Patients, on the other, want to go on communicating with easy-to-use tools they already know.


In a such a framework, we worked on a platform, Collabobeat, which makes the dialogue between patient and doctor / staff effective and also professional, taking into account the needs of all subjects involved.
Collabobeat allows operators in the health sector to take back control of their time avoiding to stay online 24/7, being able to print a record of the chat and include it properly in medical records, making privacy and data protection effective.

With reference to patients, Collabobeat offers the possibility of feeling safe even at home, benefiting from the same or even greater quality of service thanks to a reliable communication channel with doctors and their staff.

Our solution is useful for

  • Small team of doctors
  • Private Clinics
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • A pool of family doctors

Other solutions

Fleet Management

Push Notifications

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