One of the most widespread intent in the supply chain management process is that of being able to know the position and movements of agents and carriers. There are a number of different ways to do so and the most common is the installation of a control device on an operator’s vehicle in order to detect its movements and related times.

In contrast to this trend, we preferred to develop a solution that focussed on the person (and not on the means of transportation). We have created an app for iOS and Android that tracks the operator’s movements during his working hours.


The operator can track the events (arrive or leave) and the amount of time spent at those particular points, in order to make the company aware of which customers have been served, how many times, by whom and when.
Data collected by the app are visible throughout a web platform that lets companies view and manage their fleet presence with automatically updating maps. The collected data are crucial for the company to make informed decisions on business strategies, monitor costs and optimize the profitability of your investments.
Data can also be used to reward operators who have achieved outstanding performances.

The system consists of a web service where operators manage, access data and maps, and a mobile app (iOS and Android) that runs most of the time in background.

Our solution is useful for

Companies with field operators, that aim

  • to make field service processes more efficient
  • to show data to their customers
  • to better define the optimal route to different locations

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