Push notifications is the most powerful way to reach customers with a mobile app.

Nowadays there are a number of different tools to send push notifications but these conventional solutions were never specifically designed for marketers, which benefit the most from the implementation of this technology.

There are also a multitude of products that generate information on app users, to understand how many of them can be considered “active”, and so on.

Finally, there are also several products that offer the possibility of segmenting users by geographical position, interests, or otherwise, of differentiating and customizing mobile marketing actions.>.


Before we were obliged to purchase at least three different very complex and expensive products to carry out such operations.

Our solution actually puts these three features together, all in one tool to meet different needs: push delivery, statistics, segmentation.

  • sending and managing push notification campaigns,
  • usage statistics,
  • user segmentation.

How does we take this information from your app? Through a flexible, lightweight and easily integrable iOS and/or Android SDK.
It can be integrated by others developers (those who developed your app, for example) or directly by us.

Our solution is useful for

  • a company which does not take full advantage of its push notification system and aims at boosting it
  • a company that has already implemented push notifications but intends to improve their effectiveness
  • a company that does not have an app but wants to develop it with push notification campaigns already integrated

Other solutions

Fleet Management


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